Friday, 31 May 2013

The Benefits of Western Red Cedar

If you haven't noticed yet, all of our products are made out of western red cedar. This is no accident. The benefits of using this wood are plentiful, both for style, health benefits, and environmental sustainability. Keep reading to understand why we at Green Gourmet Garden only used the best material for our planters.

One of the greatest benefits of using red cedar for our planters is that it is completely renewable and recyclable, meaning that the footprint this wood leaves on the environment is literally zero. Many other products used to build planters such as plastic or metal use resources that will be forever lost. As well, wood products make up 47% of the raw materials harvested in the USA, yet only use 4% of the energy required to harvest all raw materials!

Another benefit of using western red cedar to build our planters is that it is a quality and durable building material. This wood has been used as a building material for literally hundreds of years in many different settings. As well, red cedar has a natural resistance to decay and insects, meaning that your planter will allow you to grow for years to come. As well, maintenance for red cedar wood is minimal. While the colour can fade over time, as all wood does, all it takes is a quick sanding or power wash to fully restore your planter to a full reddish shine.

Finally, and most obviously, western red cedar just looks darn good! There's a reason that red cedar is used in every sort of building project. It makes any fence, deck, house siding, or other product really stand out and look great. Also, red cedar has a natural hue that no other material can mimic. With a variety of hues and grain patterns, red cedar is the obvious choice!

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