Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Herb Gardens Grow Delicious Meals

Many of the herbs that we buy in the supermarket are covered in pesticides and we as consumers cannot be sure of how they were grown. Herbs are a delicious way to spice up any meal prepared for you and your family, so why not grow your own to ensure a delicious AND healthy meal is prepared.

Herbs are very easy to grow as long as some conditions are met. Thyme is very simple to grow and extremely good for you. Thyme has been know to aid in digestion and help with stomach ulcers. When growing thyme, make sure that it is planted in light soil, and that there is excellent drainage for the plant. Thyme likes to have dry soil between watering. As for usage, thyme is delicious on a number of dishes such as meat dishes and in casseroles.

Basil is another fantastic herb to grow. Known to have a sort of spicy/sweet taste, basil has the ability to lower blood pressure and have an all around calming effect. While growing, basil should be brought inside during chilly nights as it can easily be damaged in the cold. Basil is excellent in almost all Italian dishes, especially pasta sauces.

One herb that is a big hit with me is cilantro. With its very sharp taste, cilantro is extremely tasty in a variety of dishes such a Mexican and Caribbean meals. Not only is this herb full of flavor, but it also carries important health benefits. Cilantro is known to lower bad cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and aid in digestion. Make sure to grow this herb during the cooler seasons, as the hot weather will excel the growth of cilantro and cause it to flower prematurely.

Herbs do not take a lot of effort to grow, and with a little care, you and your family can enjoy the benefits of fresh and healthy herbs with all meals!

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