Friday, 10 May 2013

Give back by growing your own garden!

You may have not enjoyed history in high school, but this is quite interesting…

During World War I and World War II there was incredible pressure on food supply, which was brought on by the war effort because farmers were sent to war. Thus, wartime victory gardens were created by civilians who were not only forced to deal with the scarcity of food supplies but also felt that it was their civil duty to give back.  Growing your own garden during these wars was part of everyone’s daily life in Canada, US, and the UK.  

Sometime after this, we lost our way, and factory farms became the norm as life became too hectic!  In a time when we are living with major global threats and shrinking natural resources, we should be taking a page out of our parent’s and grandparent’s book! Growing your own garden will be your opportunity to give back to this planet and give you that same sense of pride and duty that our ancestors felt. Stay tuned to our weekly blog and welcome to another fantastic gardening season!

Happy Gardening!

The Green Gourmet Gardens Team

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