Sunday, 29 April 2012

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Start giving some thought to what you would like to plant in your garden.  We are always tempted to buy alot of plants and packages of seeds when we arrive at a garden centre however it is better to make your "grocery list" prior to shopping.  Think about trying 2 to 3 new varieties this year so that you can experiment and see how they grow.  When you are buying package seeds, remember the seed packet will last approximately 3 years so don't throw them away if you don't use them all.  Most seed packages will give you instructions on spacing and depth.  We do recommend that you still follow the square foot gardening principles and plant seeds according to the space available in your square foot garden.  We are a big fan of the author Mel Bartholomew who is an expert in square foot gardening.  Visit your local book store or library to read a few of his books.  Square foot gardening allows you to get a greater harvest in far less space.

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The Green Gourmet Gardens Team

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