Sunday, 6 May 2012

May has finally arrived...yeh!!  The long weekend is rapidly approaching.  Are you ready to plant a  garden?  Do not hesitate to buy a garden us and we will build it and deliver it by the long weekend in May!  Please visit our site for the benefits of raised bed gardening

If you are too busy right now to plant seeds then don't worry you can purchase your plants into June from a garden centre.  Garden centres are offering a wider variety of vegetable and herb plants because more and more people are interested in planting their own garden. The cost benefit ratio is remarkable! As an example a tomato seed costs approximately $.02 cents and nursery stock $2.00 and one plant could produce a crop of 20 or more tomatoes.  Who said that healthly eating is expensive! Most grocery stores are purchasing mass produced genetically altered vegetables that are grown for quantity and not taste.  Just think, you can grow your own vegetables for taste. Now, that makes good shopping sense!

Happy Gardening!

The Green Gourmet Gardens Team

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